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Planning a Beltane Feast

Altar is set, now to plan the feast! The planning process is quite similar to planning the altar arrangement. First let us consider what Beltane is all about. We are celebrating the rebirth of spring. So any and all spring foods, wether cultivated, foraged, or caught, are a welcome treat. A traditional food we love is Bannock bread. It’s traditionally made of oatmeal and is thought to have originated in Scotland. The recipes lack of yeast and egg made it a popular camp food among fur traders. This is probably why you can find variations of it among some of our First Nations here in North America. Oatmeal had a special place in the heart of Scotland. It was much easier to grow than wheat in their climate and therefore was a staple in many households.

our Bannock bread. A nice mix of sweet and savory. A quick search will give you a ton of recipes! Whatever your heart desires will be right.

Beltane is, at it’s core, a celebration of passion, vitality, and sexuality. Pack your meal with aphrodisiacs to help channel this energy and honor the Deities. Salmon and oysters are great examples of both aphrodisiacs and early spring foods. Although spring is a time of rebirth, it is not the time of plenty, so round out your feast with any winter stores you have left.

last year’s feast. Fried fish, mashed potatoes, day Lilly tubers, and dandelion salad. Accompanied by a nice port wine and some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.
Want more info on foraging day lily? Check this article out

Beverages and desserts should follow a similar trend, anything to help relax and ignite passion. Many Beltane Blessings to you all!

By Awaneechee

I am daughter, I am learner of the traditions. I carry them forward so that the Elders and Ancestors may be remembered for all time. I am also Mother. I am here so that the image of The Mothers love could be brought into existence. I shall always carry the sacredness of this honor with me.

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