Homesteading Wild Foods

Making Bone Broth

The history of bone broth is deep and rich, going back to our prehistoric ancestors. In a time when a successful hunt was rare, it is of no surprise our ancestors heeded the guidance of four legged hunters and found ways to access and use the bone marrow. Rather than sharp teeth and bite force, […]


How to Process a Rabbit

I struggled with the idea of doing this article because I have always felt it would cheapen the sacrifice made by the animal. But peoples need for this knowledge out weighs my personal feelings on the topic. TOOLS: A sharp filet knife is what I like to use best, but the fat and skin will […]

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To Buy or Be an Asset?

A major swath of the United States economy and jobs is leisure and service. In this year of covid lock downs, many of these businesses are hemorrhaging. Businesses that have been around for over one hundred years are shutting their doors. We have had almost thirty straight weeks of nearly one million new jobless claims. […]