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Hand Spinning:Useful and Magickal

Most people, nowadays, don’t really think about where all the clothes that they wear come from. However, there has been a kind of revolution in fiber arts recently. Knitting and crocheting have always been something that people did, mostly women of course. I even remember my great grandmother doing tatting, a form of crocheting with fine thread to create lace and doilies, while she would listen to the radio at night.

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The Process of Ice Water Distillation:Rose Hydrosol

Since ancient times roses have been known to be, not only beautiful, but a nutritional and medicinal powerhouse.  It was also used as a constituent in perfume. Greek, Romans and Phoenician cultures considered large gardens of roses to be as important as orchards and wheat. The oil used in perfume was the essential oil of […]

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Fire Cider: History and Ingredients

Somewhere between 1979 and 1980, Rosemary Gladstar, a master herbalist, created an amazing herbal vinegar that started a long tradition for herbalists.  As herbalists, we believe in community.  We believe that sharing common knowledge about herbs, their availability and their ability to heal is integral to our communities being responsible for their own health. I […]

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The Power of Crystals: Charging, Cleansing and Programming

If you have ever walked by a shop selling crystals or attended a gem & mineral show, you completely get the lure of beautiful stones.  These stones are not just pretty. Each element and stone vibrate at a particular frequency. There are so many different types: Rough, tumbled smooth, fossilized, faceted… Stones and crystals come […]


The Benefits of Earthing: Grounding and Centering Essentials

I’m sure that you have heard of people talking about earthing. What exactly is earthing? Why is it important? It is incredibly important to understanding our physical, mental and spiritual health.