Gaia’s Light-Being in Service

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez

Welcome to Gaia’s Light!


Supporting underserved communities, through holistic education & assessment, to promote & improve community health & quality of life.

Gaia’s Light is the culmination of all the knowledge and energy I have put in to my healing journey. For me, it was not enough to just learn and the capitalize. I don’t even really want to capitalize at all. I realized over the last year (and A LOT of shadow work) that where my heart and purpose really lie is in service. I had to really search for my wellness solutions. I was living on disability, raising 2 teenage boys still and had ZERO money to spend on naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, herbalists or anything else really…and Medicaid & Medicare, and most other insurance companies DO NOT COVER IT. I am blessed with a natural aptitude for research and learning. The more I learned the more I was horrified at the links between government, corporations, big agriculture, big pharma and the western medicine community. How factual information is being suppressed and “sponsored” research was dictating medical policy and really just leading people into chronic illness. Don’t get me wrong! If you have a broken bone or appendicitis, go to the ER! However, for quality of life, overall wellness and preventing chronic illness, western medicine doesn’t have anything but more pills and more procedures.

The seeds of Gaia’s Light was planted. It is still a seed, buried in the earth, patiently waiting for the right conditions to sprout. It is a formally registered non-profit with an EIN and a small, but growing savings account. My goal in this is to bring free, mobile holistic care to those that need it the most.

As the seed begins to grow I will keep you informed of its progress through this page. In the meantime, If you would like to donate anything to the realization of this dream please contact me for ways to help! Thank you for anything or even just sharing this with people you know who can help this plant flourish