Rough Road Homestead

Our Mission

R & R: Revive and Reconnect.

Reviving soil and animal health by Reconnecting animals to the land, and mimicking migration movements through rotational grazing.

Reviving human health by Reconnecting people to genuinely wholesome food.

Reviving community by Reconnecting to the family farm.

Binding Principles

We as citizens have a right to purchase and consume any food stuffs of our choosing. Thus, promoting self-reliance and the preservation of family farms and local food traditions. We recognize that family farms, sustainable agricultural practices, and food processing by individuals, families, and non-corporate entities offers stability to our rural way of life by enhancing the economic, environmental, and societal wealth of our community.  We support food that fundamentally respects human dignity and health, nourishes individuals and the community, and sustains producers, processors, and the environment.

What Members Can Expect

A thirty two week season that shall bring a variety of products ranging from food stuffs, to skin care, and winter apparel.

Six weeks before the start of each season a Projected Production Report shall be published with forecasted numbers of staples for that season, as well as the registration form with the accompanying membership dues.

Should Production fail to meet projections by 10% or more, compensation shall happen in one of two ways;

  1. Credit towards products not included in the membership
  2. Credit towards next seasons membership dues

Membership includes rights to First Look and option to purchase new and existing products not included in their membership.

What is Expected of Members

To register with payment, as a full or custom member no later than one week past the start of the season. (7 weeks after receiving the Projected Production Report)

Membership dues are to be paid on time. Missed installments shall result in immediate loss of membership.

Tagging Rough Road Homestead in two unboxing social media posts per season.

Payment Options


1/2 & 1/2: Half up front and final payment at week 16

Trimesters: 1/3 up front and installments at week 10 and week 20

Quarterly: 1/4 up front and installments at weeks 8, 16, and 24

Delivery Schedule

Members who pay in full shall have deliveries of goods on a continual basis, every 2-4 weeks, and larger packages after each butcher.

1/2 & 1/2 members will have two large deliveries, one every 16-21 weeks

Trimester members will have three deliveries, one every 10-14 weeks

Quarterly members will have four deliveries, one every 8-10 weeks

Eggs are the exception, and shall be delivered weekly.


Roads that lead to our dreams are often rough. Ours come true where the grass, dirt, and gravel meet at the Rough Road Homestead.