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SLEEP HYGIENE Sleep… we’ve all heard the adages. We all know it is important but yet it seems to be one of the most common reported health issues in modern society. I, myself was a lifetime sufferer of insomnia.  I couldn’t fall asleep,  I couldn’t stay asleep, I was a very light sleeper, and I […]

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QUANTITY VS QUALITY: HOW TO QUIT COUNTING CALORIES FOREVER Last week we talked extensively on why the concept of energy balance doesn’t fix the problem of obesity or calculate into health.  So how do we make healthy choices about what to eat? Do you need to continue using all those calorie counting apps? Points? Calculators […]

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Total Health Challenge:WEEK 3

CALORIES IN; CALORIES OUT: WHY ENERGY BALANCE IS NOT THE ISSUE Let’s face it.  We have been told our entire lives that the reason we get fat is because we are eating too much and not exercising enough. The energy balance model has been the gold standard theory of obesity for a very long time.  […]

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Total Health Challenge Partnership with The Valkyrie Club

What is health?  Is it strictly the physiological condition in the body? Is the mind & the soul part of that physiology? These are the questions that brings the scope of health to include wellness. Wellness is realizing that, as humans, we are much more than a biological machine.   We have thoughts, emotions, patterns, beliefs, […]