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Alteratives: The Path to Balance in the Body Alteratives are both, most important but, equally vague.  Generally speaking, they help the body eliminate and detoxify different systems.  Now, most people know that the body works regularly to detoxify the body of external toxins, such as, pesticides, chemicals and other environmental toxins.  However, alteratives also eliminate […]

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Herbal Actions: Adaptogens

This is probably the most popular herbal action heralded right now.  Every new herb lately is touted as an adaptogen. So, what is it and why are they being recommended for everything lately? An adaptogen is an herb that doesn’t have a SPECIFIC action. Overall, they increase the body’s resistance to stressors. How many ads […]

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How to Start Understanding Herbs as Medicine

As I revealed in my last article, I went through an extreme health journey as a doorway to natural healing and natural living.  When I began, you could say that I was practicing “allopathic” herbalism.  In and of itself, an oxymoron. I was stuck in that Western medicine thought process of searching for herbs for […]