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Scorched Earth: Creating the Fire Break

With the torrent of changes that are happening it can be easy for one to become pessimistic. I urge you not to, for that is when it is truly too late. There is still plenty that we can do to create a fire break against these scorched earth policies. The first is simply to be […]

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Scorched Earth: Current Regulations

In October of 2019 the FDA held a public meeting to discuss A New Era of Smarter Food Safety. Many ideas, concepts and agendas were introduced but for this article, I want to focus on just one. How implementation would be regulated. The meeting opened with remarks from Frank Yiannas, a food safety expert serving […]


A Homeschoolers Words of Encouragement

As parents, we have moments when we question our abilities or doubt ourselves. So, it’s only normal to question our abilities when it comes to being our child’s educator.  One of the major aspects to being a parent is TEACHING! As parents, we are our children’s first teacher, as homeschoolers we just extend our time […]