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Passion, Purpose, Authenticity and Being

Grand Rising and Welcome! I have been absent for a few weeks as I needed a bit of time away to do some serious thinking about what I was doing, where I was going and what I ultimately wanted my life to look like.  I have been struggling a lot lately with the questions of […]

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THC Week 11:Animal Protein: Untangling the Dilemma of Animals, People and Planet

The global shift away from phytochemically and biochemically rich wholesome foods to highly processed diets enabled 2.1 billion people to become overweight or obese and increased the incidence of type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Unimpeded, these trends will add to a projected substantial increase in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) from producing food and […]

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Chemical Agriculture’s Chaotic End?

There is a current supply shortage for fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Many when hearing this will say “well good, we don’t need any more glyphosate and the like.” The dark reality is we do need it. Most American food production is conventional industrial agriculture and with it, genetically modified seeds. Our ever increasing yields are […]

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Providing Authentic Food

For those of us with a passion for providing authentic food, how do we accomplish this in an age of ever-growing government rules, regulations, and restrictions? By going rogue. Now, rogue does not mean illegal, or illicit although many conjure this image when they hear the term. So, let’s define it. To go rogue: to […]

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Finding Authentic Food

What is authentic food? Broad answer, whatever food that lines up with your principles and morals. For me, authentic food is real, (as in non-GMO/no crisper gene editing, and animal proteins that are a result of birth and other natural processes, not cloned or grown in a lab) wholesome, nutritionally dense, minimally processed, and regeneratively […]

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Federal Food Facades

January 1st, 2022 marked the final compliance date for a labeling law passed back in 2016 as it pertains to bioengineered foods. What are bioengineered foods? Simply Genetically Modified Foods. Since the emergence of chemically manufactured fertilizers, a battle has waged over what cultivation practice was best, organic methods or yearly inputs of chemical fertilizers, […]

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We have all been there… Last night, after hurting my rotator cuff over the weekend, sleep just wouldn’t come until almost 11pm.  This morning, at Oh God Thirty, my adult children were (as I perceived it) unnecessarily loud in the kitchen, getting ready for their day.  I drug myself out of bed for coffee.  They […]


Troubleshooting Our Off Tasting Goats Milk

People often ask, “What does goats’ milk taste like?” Short answer: depends on the day. Many things can alter or affect the flavor of the milk. From the breed of the goat to what the goat eats, to their surroundings. Good goats’ milk doesn’t really have a flavor, except sweet. Helga’s milk didn’t start out […]

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Achieving Food Freedom

I am concerned about food security, not just for myself and my family but for my community and country as well. Over the last year and a half, this covid endemic has brought to light, the many pit falls of our just in time, production, processing, and delivery system. Consumers are slaves to the whims […]


Caretakers of The Earth

On the fourth night of our celebration the Goddess introduced to me, the caretakes of the earth, The Four Directions. The north brings strong cold winds and snow that blankets the Earth. These are purifying causing trees to drop their leaves and the Earth to rest. It is also the teacher of strength, patience and […]