A Collection of Experiences in Homesteading, Herbalism, Paganism and Natural Living

We are a team that truly believe in living a self-sufficient lifestyle. We use the techniques, products, passions and rituals that we write about in our everyday lives. We are here to help you learn, collaborate and find a way for you to create a life you love, whether that is in an apartment or a 100 acre wood. This is OUR PURPOSE; To help you live yours!

What’s New…

Experience, Wisdom and The Power of the Crone

When we hear the word Crone, it suggests the negative stereotypes of a haggard, ugly old woman, cackling with a type of madness.  A witch-like woman who lives outside of society and community in a decrepit hovel in the woods. Generally presented as disagreeable, jealous of youth and beauty and, often, exhibiting supernatural or magical […]

Passion, Purpose, Authenticity and Being

Grand Rising and Welcome! I have been absent for a few weeks as I needed a bit of time away to do some serious thinking about what I was doing, where I was going and what I ultimately wanted my life to look like.  I have been struggling a lot lately with the questions of […]

THC Week 11:Animal Protein: Untangling the Dilemma of Animals, People and Planet

The global shift away from phytochemically and biochemically rich wholesome foods to highly processed diets enabled 2.1 billion people to become overweight or obese and increased the incidence of type II diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Unimpeded, these trends will add to a projected substantial increase in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) from producing food and […]

THC Week 10: The Collected Experiences of an Inflammation Warrior

Based on the above definition by Merriam-Webster, pretty much everything we come into contact with in modern day society is inflammatory; Our food, our water, our air, the products we clean our homes and bodies with… just about everything in our modern environment has been made in a way that it negatively effects the human […]

Chemical Agriculture’s Chaotic End?

There is a current supply shortage for fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Many when hearing this will say “well good, we don’t need any more glyphosate and the like.” The dark reality is we do need it. Most American food production is conventional industrial agriculture and with it, genetically modified seeds. Our ever increasing yields are […]


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