A Collection of Experiences in Homesteading, Herbalism, Paganism and Natural Living

We are a team that truly believe in living a self-sufficient lifestyle. We use the techniques, products, passions and rituals that we write about in our everyday lives. We are here to help you learn, collaborate and find a way for you to create a life you love, whether that is in an apartment or a 100 acre wood. This is OUR PURPOSE; To help you live yours!

What’s New…

Cloth Diapers on a Budget

Im not sure why it took me so long to figure it out, but we decided to cloth daiper with our final baby. Actually I wanted to with baby number 3, but then our well pipe froze up. After a winter of no running water, all I wanted was convenience. But when I started searching […]

Making Flock Blocks

This time of year everyone needs a pick me up. Something that’s packed full of energy, is filling and nutritious but feels like a cheat day. Even our livestock need this comfort food and for our chickens, it’s all about flock blocks. So what is a flock block? It’s basically a form of suet cake […]

Caretakers of The Earth

On the fourth night of our celebration the Goddess introduced to me, the caretakes of the earth, The Four Directions. The north brings strong cold winds and snow that blankets the Earth. These are purifying causing trees to drop their leaves and the Earth to rest. It is also the teacher of strength, patience and […]


On the first night of our Solstice, the Goddess said to me, honor the Mothers. Hail to our beloved Mother. May you keep our house hold free and safe. May our family receive prosperity in the coming year. To our family’s mothers, our matriarchs going back to the beginning. You have watched over us, and […]

Making Pocket Soup

What is pocket soup? It is an extremely slow and tedious process to make home made bullion. Bullion is easily found in any grocery store so why on earth would you go through all the effort? This is the most common question one hears while working towards, or living a sustainable lifestyle. My simple answer, […]


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