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We are a team that truly believe in living a self-sufficient lifestyle. We use the techniques, products, passions and rituals that we write about in our everyday lives. We are here to help you learn, collaborate and find a way for you to create a life you love, whether that is in an apartment or a 100 acre wood. This is OUR PURPOSE; To help you live yours!

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What is THAT? The History, Benefits and Process to Kombucha

I’m sure you have heard people talk about Kombucha or seen it becoming more and more prevalent on the grocery store shelves.  If you don’t know, Kombucha is a magickal brew of fermented black or green tea, usually consumed as a health food. The fermentation process involves a number of microorganisms, including a variety of […]

Total Health Challenge:WEEK 3

CALORIES IN; CALORIES OUT: WHY ENERGY BALANCE IS NOT THE ISSUE Let’s face it.  We have been told our entire lives that the reason we get fat is because we are eating too much and not exercising enough. The energy balance model has been the gold standard theory of obesity for a very long time.  […]

Training a Goat for Milking

2021 was our first exposure to dairy animals. Not just the goats, but every aspect of dairy. We brought in proven does. Now many would assume that means proven milkers; and it can, but alas, we could not find that level of proven doe within our budget. What I was able to find was a […]


The whole topic of human nutrition seems to be shrouded in mystery and riddled with contradictions.  We have all experienced it on some level.  As soon as you think you are clear on the latest nutritional advice, it changes.  New research is constantly being done. However, because of the bio-individuality of the human machine, there […]

Choosing a Dairy Animal

Just like the considerations taken when choosing livestock; similar ones should be made when deciding what type of dairy animal to choose. to get a feel for them; let me walk you through my decision-making process. What dairy products do we want? In this house we LOVE dairy. To drink, yogurt, cheese, butter, creme for […]


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