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We are a team that truly believe in living a self-sufficient lifestyle. We use the techniques, products, passions and rituals that we write about in our everyday lives. We are here to help you learn, collaborate and find a way for you to create a life you love, whether that is in an apartment or a 100 acre wood. This is OUR PURPOSE; To help you live yours!

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Scorched Earth: An Attack on Animal Agriculture

There is an all out war on animal agriculture and our ability to provide wholesome affordable animal proteins to our families and communities. Patrick Brown, the CEO of Impossible Foods, a company that makes genetically engineered plant based meat has said “I want to put the animal agriculture industry out of business. It’s that simple.” […]

Scorched Earth: Stalinistic Matrix

“We are going to create a more digital, traceable and safer food system.” says Frank Yiannis, the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner of the office of food policy and response. He also said they will implement this through the record keeping clause of the FSMA. So what are some of the aspects of this New Era of […]

Scorched Earth: Current Regulations

In October of 2019 the FDA held a public meeting to discuss A New Era of Smarter Food Safety. Many ideas, concepts and agendas were introduced but for this article, I want to focus on just one. How implementation would be regulated. The meeting opened with remarks from Frank Yiannas, a food safety expert serving […]

Scorched Earth: The Destruction of The Food System

There has been a torrent of proposed ideas and policy changes, that if implemented, would not only incinerate family farms, they would destroy our food system and bring about the greatest famine this country has ever seen. This is an introduction to this series, Scorched Earth, where we will take an up close and personal […]

Animal Husbandry: An Investment

When adding livestock of any kind, there are some major concepts to consider and implement. I look at our livestock as a long term investment. As such, I have a few strategies I use to ensure a return on my investment of blood, sweat, tears, and money. The first is the why. Be sure the […]


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