Building a Beltane Altar

Beltane is a time when many things can grow. Not only do we plant seeds in the earth, but in our hearts and souls as well. We dig deep to discover what crops we wish to grow in the coming seasons. Keeping this in mind, we begin selecting altar pieces and offerings.

Being a mixed family, we invoke the aid of the Four Directions on a regular basis. Each of the directions has a corresponding element, so they all have a place at the altar.

4 directions and our herbal offerings.
North: air; wild bergamot
East: fire; basil
South: earth; plantain
West: water; elderflower

The Goddess and her lover are on our altar every Beltane, for we are celebrating their union and gifts of rebirth.

Spiral Goddess and the Horned One

Personal hopes and growth are important for us to include. During a time of rebirth it’s crucial to look inward and find what we want, or needs to change or be improved upon.

looking for health and healing after the birth of our next child. Calling on the bear for inner knowing, and continuing practice and improvement on the seven tenants.

There are many fun ways to get into the spirit of Beltane, and getting the children involved. Last year we all made crowns. Floral crowns for us girls, and added antlers for the boys.

My son’s Beltane crown

My oldest loves to paint, so she painted our 4 Directions plaque. This year we’ve done a lot with carving tools and a wood burner, but one of our favorites has been salt dough creations.

we did these for Yuletide last year.
2 cups flour, 1 cup salt and enough water until it forms a kneadable dough. Let air dry until hard.

An altar is an extremely personal, and family oriented arrangement. To each their own, but when channeling such energy and desires it is best done by hand and together. Blessed Beltane brothers and sisters.

By Awaneechee

I am daughter, I am learner of the traditions. I carry them forward so that the Elders and Ancestors may be remembered for all time. I am also Mother. I am here so that the image of The Mothers love could be brought into existence. I shall always carry the sacredness of this honor with me.

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